“Black Laden Crown” by Danzig album review

After seven years since the release of “Deth Red Sabaoth”, the “Evil Elvis” himself is finally back with an all new album of original material and I wish I could say the wait was worth it. The album is entitled “Black Laden Crown” and it basically features all the usual players, like Tommy Victor and […]

Getting down to brass tacks with Zero 2 Panic

Have you ever been listening to rock or metal music and ever thought to yourself, “hmm this is good, but I wonder what it would sound like with brass instruments added to the mix?” Well, Zero 2 Panic is here to satisfy that curiosity. Zero 2 Panic came together in 2012 in Pittsburg, Kan. and […]

Ministry is Back!

So I happened to stumble upon a YouTube video of Al Jourgensen being interviewed backstage at this year’s Wacken Festival. Originally, I was drawn in by Al’s quote embedded within the video’s title, which read: “Trump is not frightening, Trump is an idiot!”. Being the big Trump adversary that I am, I watched it under […]